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Scrambled eggs made the proper way

Posted on 12 September 2010 by admin

Bit of a long title isnt it Lou? Yes. But scrambled eggs have always been a minefield to me. I used to spend forever cracking eggs on a Sunday morning, mixing them up with milk and even water as my mum said that was the Italian way. But I just couldnt get it right, the insipid colour, the flowing ounces of buttery milky liquid messing with my toast and creating a soggy rubbish breakfast. I longed for the consistency of the macdonalds breakfast egg – I’m classy me! Or the stoic honesty of the Scottish breakfasts I got as a kid, but no joy. Then one day it just came to me (after a breakfast at Claridges dont you know?!). Just ask a chef. So I did and from there on, my eggs have always been the best. If you’re in need of a dose of protein and not quite so hungover that you need the melting wickedness of a fried egg then this is your best bet. It doesnt bloat you up and it wont make you feel like you gotta walk it off sharpish. This is a good healthy breakfast to have everyday I reckon.

 Ingredients for 1 person:

3 medium-large eggs

A drop of whole milk – literally!

A small knob of butter



Crack all your eggs in a SMALL sauacepan, it has to be small so you can get good whisk and spoon action in that space. Whisk up with a fork but not into a frezied froth as this will make the mix too thin. Just fork whisk it until the yolk is mixed up with the white. Add your knob of buuter and that drop of milk and a generous crunch of the salt and pepper grinder. Now have you got 5 minutes? As you need to tend to your eggs. Stir constantly with a metal dessert spoon on the lowest heat. When it begins to catch, just use your spoon to keep dragging it away from the bottom of the surface, never actually letting it catch. Now this is the secret of perfect scrambled eggs, you keep turning that mixture over until it begins to get thick and when it’s got that glossy raw look, take it off the heat and plate up onto your side plate or small bowl with some buttered seed-loaded toast on the side. It’s the slight rawness that gives it flavour and its the richness of the egg because you have not added to it that melts in your mouth. The butter creams it slightly and that bit of milk just does something, I dont know what! I absolutely load it with coarse black pepper and savour every luxurious bite. Absolutely luscious…it beats that sliced blamange egg you get at those buffet counters hey guys?

Lou Prew

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs

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