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Simple flavoursome chicken roast

Posted on 17 August 2010 by admin

Roast Chicken

Roast Chicken

1 Whole fresh chicken ethically reared
Four whole onions
White potatoes with hardly any skin (m&s do great potatoes)
Spring greens
Butter, seasoning & gravy granules

Start your oven, on 180• wash your chicken and trim it’s backside. While washing it, push your palms down on it’s back to break it’s bones and flatten it slightly,this aids an even cooking process and allows more flavour. Slather some vegetable oil all over the tin and heat on hob for a few moments. Put your chicken in the centre of your roasting tin face down and sear on the hob for a few seconds to seal the skin then turn it over and place in oven,setting your timer for 1.15hrs cooking time. This is about average for a good sized chicken and for it to be moist. Lovingly peel your potatoes and as opposed to cutting in half cut them in half longways. It’s more attractive on the plate to have generous sized pots. Par boil the potatoes for about 8mins, drain the spud water into a vessel for later. Drench the pots in vegetable oil, add butter and a generous squeeze of garlic purée and season. Swirl around with a metal spoon until all potatoes are covered. Open the oven and place your glistening, delicious-smelling potatoes all around your chicken. Take your onions peel them and place around the tin.
Trim your broccoli end and then break into sprigs. I always chop the stalk and include this too believing that there’s nutrients in that bit. Place a quarter of water in the pan, cover and put aside. Take your spring greens, wash thoroughly, chop into slices and throw into your saucepan. DO NOT FILL WITH WATER! Biggest mistake people make is to drench their veg with water. Nooo!
Take about 3-4 cloves from a bulb of garlic, crush and throw into your greens. Slip a knob of butter beneath it all then season with coarse black pepper and rock salt. Cover and leave aside. Disappear for a bit, in my case sort out the rows over the gaming in the front room, seek out my 3yr old diva daughter and remove the expensive makeup from her hands and retrieve items shoved down the amenities. Put a stack of washing away then return downstairs to crack on with the Chardonnay. Oh! it’s only 5pm? What the hey! Chin chin!
Back to cooking…
With about 15 minutes till end of cooking time. Boil up your broccoli, bearing in mind there’s hardly any water in there it may sound like it’s dry boiling. Just keep an eye on it. When the water boils away, turn off the gas and let it cook in it’s own steam – steam = flavour. Turn on your greens, let them sizzle and get hot with the help of the butter. If they catch a bit, don’t worry it all adds to the flavour but turn the gas off after 3-4mins and cover. Your letting the garlic, butter and seasoning infuse the delicious al dente veg. When the cooking time is up, take your chick out, transfer onto a large plate and let her rest. Set out plates. When serving up, cut your chicken generously and in simple moves. My family is made up of three fussy herberts but luckily each likes breast or leg. Cut the leg first and literally cut the whole leg including some of it’s undercarriage as that’s where the tastiest dark meat is. When cutting the breast, again cut in one svelte move, you are serving up a whole side. Go close to its spine and cut in one move. Give the wings to whomever wants them. While doing this a lot of juices will have escaped onto the plate, pour these into a fresh saucepan, add your potatoe water from earlier and boil it up, and add your gravy granules to make a tasty gravy. Add as many or as little as you like depending on how thick you like it. Now, serve up your glorious green broccoli next to your chick, lay next to that your beautifully crisp and golden pots, then spoon up your garlic infused greens. Finish your dish by pouring over the steaming hot gravy with all those natural juices. Breathe in all those simple luscious flavours, perfectly cooked veggies and moist succulent meat. You’ll find this to be a hearty and reasonably healthy roast dinner, not just for Sundays I say!

Lou Prew

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